My name is Karl with a “K”!

I am a remote worker at this time. A corporate guy.

My home is in the woods. Why does this matter?

We have woodpeckers.

They do a lot of damage to your house. It is crazy to see me try to protect my home especially during a work week. I can hear them pecking and I run out of the house to chase them away. It doesn’t matter when, but I can hear them pecking. During meetings, lunch or even my kids getting ready for school.

Open the front door and close it with a peek to see if they are there. It is to the point that every bird I see looks like a woodpecker. I look crazy!

We have done everything to deter them from our home, but I think I just draw more species of them to our house the more I try to prevent them from doing damage.

The reflective tape doesn’t work, patching holes or making loud noises. Just crazy me running around trying to chase them away. It has become an annual event to save the house. The kids have joined in too.

If you are fortunate enough to have your own home make sure it is all brick, especially if it is in the woods.

No, it is not dry rot or insects boring into the wood. All the neighbors are experiencing the same issues.

I am climbing ladders to put deterrents on the house or patching holes to prevent them from returning.

I finish my workday and jump on a ladder twenty feet up to fix the house right afterward to maintain my home. I am not complaining though because I am grateful to have a roof over my head and the ability to do my own home maintenance and being able to pull a ladder out and climb it to the roof.

I am not afraid of heights, just afraid of falling.

Not everyone has that luxury.

I am smarter than a bird, right? Or birds?

Well, here comes Karl with a “K”.

He is a new family member via Home Depot. He is a plastic owl; they didn’t have a hawk but he worked the first day I introduced him to the front landscape.

I didn’t see a chipmunk or a squirrel either the first time I used him. No wildlife at all…

It is working!

I heard you have to move them around frequently as the woodpeckers get used to them, but I have no problem with that now. I will out smart these birds. I am even feeding them in the backyard with suet to keep them away from the house. This is the first time I used an owl or worse feed the enemy, but I will make it work.

I am going to win.

Neighbors have called me to ask what I have been doing to keep them off of my home seeing my home reflecting in the sun. I have replied by indicating that I am trying to get them to go to their homes.

Joking…not really.

This is a lot of work and drains your energy and time.

Woodpeckers can sometimes be attracted to homes, especially if they are searching for insects or creating nesting sites. Here are some methods you can try to deter woodpeckers from damaging your home:

  1. Visual Deterrents:
    • Hang reflective objects, such as aluminum foil strips, CDs, or reflective tape, near the areas where woodpeckers are active. The movement and reflections can scare them away.
    • Use scarecrows or owl decoys. Rotate their positions regularly to prevent woodpeckers from getting used to them.
  2. Physical Barriers:
    • Cover the affected areas with hardware cloth or plastic mesh. Ensure that it is secured tightly so the woodpeckers cannot access the wood beneath.
    • Install bird netting over the affected area.
  3. Texture Modification:
    • Attach mesh or burlap to the wood. Woodpeckers often dislike the feel of these materials on their feet.
  4. Repellents:
    • Apply a taste aversion repellent to the wood. These repellents make the wood taste unpleasant to the birds.
    • Some people have reported success with hot pepper sprays or garlic-based sprays applied to the wood.
  5. Noise and Disturbance:
    • Play recorded woodpecker distress calls to discourage them from the area.
    • Make loud noises or use motion-activated devices when you see woodpeckers to scare them away.
  6. Feeding Station:
    • Provide an alternative food source away from your home. Install bird feeders stocked with seeds and suet to attract them to a different location.
  7. Fix Insect Infestations:
    • Woodpeckers are often attracted to homes because of insect infestations. If you suspect an insect problem, address it promptly to remove the food source for woodpeckers.

Remember that persistence is key. Woodpeckers can be stubborn, so you may need to try multiple deterrents before finding one that works for your situation. Additionally, it’s important to check local regulations and guidelines before implementing certain deterrent methods, as some birds may be protected by law.

I am looking forward to Karl helping with my problem, but on a positive side I just read that woodpeckers symbolize new opportunities, creativity, optimism, courage, motivation, revival, self-actualization, balance, communication, protection, and discernment.

This bird is most closely associated with opportunity and new possibilities? It inspires you to seize your desires and never give up on your dreams.


I will take Karl to deter them and save money and time over the symbolism though.

Remote work with woodpeckers! Not something you worry about at the office.

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