Lack of substance post: Sunglasses

It doesn’t matter what age you are; sunglasses will always be cool.

Inside or outside


Everyone wants to see your eyes. I always did my own thing. Not to get a reaction, but I liked the tint.

I did get reactions & questions all the time, but just stayed with what I felt was me.

Even in corporate, when I purchased a new pair of prescription glasses, I added a tint. I thought I was cool, but didn’t care what anyone thought I was just being myself & liked it. Felt confident. Cool, superficial I know.

Still staying with my Ray-Bans & tinted them out just recently with a new pair of prescription glasses.

Note: Take them off during client meetings. Clients do want to see your eyes & watch out for walls during the night.

Oh, by the way, great for the health of your eyes too. You need to shade the sun to protect them.

In my garage again, with my artwork.

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