Working 12 Hour Days Now!

Corporate life!

I haven’t been able to make updates! Just like my lack of networking early in my career, making time to blog is a challenge too, but I left off that I didn’t network at all when I first started out of college. Big mistake! I wasn’t or currently am not an introvert, but I was too focused on the prize! Making more money, climbing the corporate ladder & exceeding goals.

It was working for a long time & I was prepared to continue to go after it as I worked from entry level analyst, senior analyst, manager, general manager, director & my short-term goal at the time vice president. Did it & it was awesome!

I love leading people, setting them up for success, seeing them succeed & I am very good at (confident not cocky now), so I knew it was something to continue for me.

So, next was senior vice president in my mind

Not so fast…

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